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Bioglobal Aş 2000 yılında bitki koruma ve bitki besleme süreçlerinde karşılaşılan sorunlara biyolojik çözümler getirmek amacıyla kurulmuş bir şirkettir. Merkezi Antalya’dadır.

Faydalı bakteriler, faydalı mantarlar gibi mikrobiyal ürünler; faydalı böcekler ve canlılardan elde edilen diğer organik temelli zirai ürünler, Bioglobal AŞ’nin ilgi alanına girer.

Bioglobal Aş 2000 yılında bitki koruma ve bitki besleme süreçlerinde karşılaşılan sorunlara biyolojik çözümler getirmek amacıyla kurulmuş bir şirkettir. Merkezi Antalya’dadır.

Bioglobal AŞ, Ar-Ge departmanı, yurt çapına yayılmış pazarlama ve satış organizasyonu, üretim tesisi ve paketleme tesisiyle istikrarlı şekilde büyümekte ve ilerleyişini sürdürmektedir.

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Here below are the most frequently asked questions and answers.

Biological contention is a relatively new concept when we think of the agricultural human history. The distinctive terminology which develops within this concept is recently being known especially in the developing countries.

Scientific progress in general and specifically nanotechnology and genetics triggered many opportunities which introduce newer concepts everyday.

Biological contention has a fairly wide horizon and more and more people will be occupied in the sector in future. When we talk about biological contention; we must speak about plants, bacteria, fungii, insects and even viruses…

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What are “biological solutions?”

Biological solutions are the methods that are developed and used against any kind of plant-growing problem which growers face. Biological solutions are usually understood as the contrast of chemical solutions but in fact, they are not; they are being used with chemicals when needed within the Integrated Plant Management techniques.

Biological contention means using the living organisms autochthonously taking part in nature, against pests and disease factors on plant growing process.

These organisms are called “biological contention agents” and some of them directly attack the pest and kill it. Some others leave parasitic effects on the pest, then lower and control the pest population.

Biological contention products usually need the natural environment which living organisms can stay alive. That means the best environmental conditions for the human-friendly fruit and vegetables. As a consequence, the biological contention methods are vitally important for sustainable production and healthy food.

No! It doesn’t mean that we should leave chemical products when we start using biological methods. If we decide to use biological solutions as agricultural contention, the usage of chemicals are minimized and decreased due to the plant protection programs which agricultural experts prepare. That’s because, we use living organisms in biological contention and chemicals mustn’t harm our beneficial insects.

The factors such as dosage, number of applications, the effect of the chosen active ingredient are minimized as far as possible in biological solutions. Thanks to these sustainable methods, they resolve the infamous “residue problem”!

Biotechnic contention means to move the disease factors and pests away and/or put them out of action by using some relatively simpler technical applications and technical products in order to support the agricultural contention process.

The function of biotechnical products varies from moving the pests away from plant growing area, passivating them by making them stick on specific platforms, preventing them from reproducing by putting one of the genders out of action to gathering them by attractive traps (traps with colour, with odour or with reproductive hormones) and then throwing them away from plant growing area. Biotechnical products can be used in complete harmony with biological products and they help minimizing the usage of chemicals.


Biopesticides are living organisms that can be used against harmful organisms (pests). These beneficiary organisms may be microbial or macrobial organisms.

Disper Products

Disper products are plant nutrition products that are produced with cutting edge high technology under the trade mark of Disper.


Biofertilizers are mostly microbial organism based, special preparations used for plant nutrition.

Other products

There are some nature friendly other products such as feromone traps, attractants and repellants used within biological solutions that are called as biotechnical products.